The Fresh On The Yard Box
The Fresh On The Yard Box
The Fresh On The Yard Box
The Fresh On The Yard Box
The Fresh On The Yard Box
The Fresh On The Yard Box
The Fresh On The Yard Box
The Fresh On The Yard Box

The Fresh On The Yard Box

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Who is about to be the FRESHEST on the yard?!?!? Well, after getting this box, you know it's about to be you Cousin! 



Did COVID-19 take away that special day and moment for all of our HBCU Cousins who are getting ready to expand their wings and venture off to a HBCU? Or did it mess up your Spring semester? Don't worry, we got you!  Our seasonal box was made to get you back into that HBCU spirit! 

The Fresh On the Yard Box! This year Fall 2020 is all about being the freshest on the yard. This is why we chose the theme "Fresh Prince". 

What is included? (We are releasing one item per week) 

1. The Welcome to the Yard Tee

It's 90's inspired, so you know it has to be colorful. This Fresh on the Yard tee is loud, bold, beautiful and proud; just like you Cousins. Why blend in when you were born to stand out! This item is customized to YOUR HBCU. For sizing information, click here

2. "That Windbreaker Though" 

We got you the perfect item to represent your HBCU, but in style though. The windbreaker is the must have item of the Fall and you will always make a statement when representing your HBCU. 

 This item is customized to YOUR HBCU. 

3. "That Dad Hat Though" 

We pulled out all the stops on this one! This authentic HBCU Dad Hat was made just for you!!! Who doesn't want to represent their HBCU in style!

4. "HBCU Themed Tumblr"

Represent your school and make sure you are never thirsty while doing it. Our insulated tumbler is made to keep you hydrated while you are on the journey to become an HBCU Alum and is the ultimate way for you to flex your HBCU pride without saying a word. 


Get the perfect gift for the freshest HBCU student that will be on the yard.

Discounted rates available for groups and organizations .

Contact us at 




What Does Seasonal Box Mean?

A: This is a box that we release ONCE a year. This box will appear once during the year and then will disappear. It is only available during this Season. 

If I Have A Quarterly Box, Will I Get This Box?

A: No. This box is a stand alone box. If you currently are subscribed to get the quarterly box, you will need to purchase this box separately. 

When will the box be shipped?

A: We know that you want to go TO YOUR CAMPUS, ready to represent! So, this box will be shipped at the END OF JULY  to ensure that you get it prior to moving back to campus. 

When does the window close?

A: The window for this box is May 1st - June 15th. After that the box closes and the My HBCU Box team goes into production mode to produce and then ship this amazing box to you. 

How many items come in this box?

This box comes with 4 standard items that are listed above. Check out the description above and reserve your box today. 

What If I Am Ordering For Someone Else?

A: No worries. Upon check out, you can designate a billing address and a shipping address, to ensure that it will be delivered to the correct person and address. You can also, always update your information in your MEMBER PORTAL.

Any other questions, feel free to contact us via our website or email Cousins. 

A portion of the proceeds from this box will go to our $1,000 Fresh on the Yard Scholarship Give-A-Way